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Mar 17, 2013 8:00pm PDT
committee is worried about the stability of north korean leader kim jong un. saying that kim's youth and the countries massive military may prove to be a anna coren investigates what many south koreans are thinking about their nuclear powered neighbor. while kim jong un may have perfected the art of bluffing after weeks of apocalyptic threats. the north korean regime and its quest to become a nuclear state is being taken very seriously, south of the border. "the question is for south koreans, can we live peacefully with nuclear armed north korea? the answer is no". south korean lawmaker mj chung -- the son of the founder of hyundai -- believes his country can no longer sit on its hands, watching its belligerent neighbor develop nuclear weapons. he says its time for south korea to have its own nuclear arsenal. "the nuclear deterrence can be the only answer. we have and it would appear south koreans tend to agree. recent polls show that two- thirds of citizens surveyed support the idea, especially in the wake of north korea's third nuclear test, carried back in 1991, south korea volunt
Mar 29, 2013 8:00pm PDT
. today the north korean leader kim jong un ordered his country's missile forces to prepare *standby plans to attack the u=s. this latest announcement comes one day after american b=2 stealth bombers carried out mock bombing runs in south korea. kron 4's grant lodes reports. >> this picture shows kim jun uynn,,, with lines pressing across the specific. >> austin tx. >> austin tx. >> they are wondering. in the why austin tx? >> and nobody knows. >> they could be relieved to know that this will not be targeted. the computer of choice is a aluminum imac. it was released ibm upgrade would increase the propaganda videos. this latest shows that it is manhattan. they are not taking this lightly. but they seem to shore up his image. >> i think that it is more in the sense of getting right up to the edge. stumbling and crawli falling over. >> pam: pope francis spent his frist good friday leading services at saint peter's basilica in vatican city. this is the first time the new pontiff has led these services since being elected two weeks ago. the pope also lead the procession in the way of th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2